My thought after upgrading to PD10

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My thought after upgrading to PD10

Post by edmundduck » August 5th, 2017, 5:23 am

I performed an upgrade to PD10 for just a week (purchased the upgrade code with discount at the end of Jul ...). To my surprise I have already found a couple issues,

1) "Unable to download remote file" error still exists (Link to post)
2) Synchronize action has error and some data cannot be synchronized (Link to post)
3) Export to PSWX option is missing (Link to post)
4) Password pswd file authenicated by master password and key is not supported in Android while pswx is deprecated (Link to post)

I understand that programs do have bugs, it's normal. What I hope is development and/or support teams can take our customer's feedbacks into consideration and give us some replies in this forum. We always hope to hear some good news on bug fixes. :)

Thanks AceBIT.

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Re: My thought after upgrading to PD10

Post by AceBIT » October 9th, 2017, 5:53 pm

Dear Edmund!

a) I cannot reproduce this with the current version. We will test this further but if you could provide us with steps for the reproduction it would help us a lot.

b) It looks that some skins have that graphical errors, we will try to reproduce and fix this or remove the wrong skins.

c) PSWX is not supported anymore.

d) PSWX also does not support key files. PSWD and PSWE on Android currently use only master password authentication, we will implement support of external key files once Android provides more user friendly methods to copy and manage files.

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