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Spammers on forum

Postby fedorovych » May 23rd, 2006, 12:56 pm

Look here
A lot of users are registered with sites (doorway or porno) but have not post.
If you did not wont have spammers in forum you can set captcha on registration.
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Postby Julian (AceBIT Support) » November 27th, 2006, 1:41 pm


we have already taken steps to avoid soam posts in this forum, including captcha protection. Nevertheless thank you for your hint.

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Julian Meisel - Acebit Support -
Julian (AceBIT Support)

Re: Spammers on forum

Postby dweelop11poleewd » March 15th, 2008, 8:56 am

I think that there is not too much spam on this board compared to many other boards that I have logged onto. In fact I did not see one spam message since I started my visit here. I noticed that this board uses the human recognition technology that makes you type in the letters and numbers but they are secretly displayed in 'human only format' in the way that the computer does not know how to read the letters. That seems to be enough and I don't know if you need to add the captcha protection too but it seems that making us humans fill out the secret code that the machine can't read is sufficient and will be until some human teaches the computer how to read those fonts too in his spare time if he is the trouble maker kidding the scripties.

Sorry for my rant but it gets to me when I start thinking about spam because I think that I get about 500 to 600 spams of the email type in my Outlook Express screen of email messages. In fact when I used for my email I had to stop using it because I opened it up one day and I had over 9000 new emails that most of them were probably spam because I only know about less than 20 people that send me real email of the non-spam type so that would mean that those 20 people each sent me 450 emails in one day! They may be my crazy friends but they are not nuts!!!

Just out of curiousity is there anyone else here from Minnesota in the USA? That is where I live but I started living in Japan (sorry for my English since it is sometimes my second language and poor) when I was born and moved here when I was in college I got married to my wife and we decided that I would stay here for the rest of my life with her and some kids if we ever get pregnant even if it is more than once it would be ok.

There is some topic, now lets make this Open Forum more busy and start the talking between each other, OK? It's your turn now! :) If you have ever wondered about Minnesota questions, I am the expert and can answer your questions about Minnesota unless it is questions about sports because I don't watch or read sports because my wife completely is on the side of no sports because of the violence that tend to happen when the men start to get too competitive and sometimes end up in the fight. So if I try to watch sports that is all I will get to think about at bedtime for the next week so I can watch the team score but then I can't be on the team that scores if you know what my wife means by that form of torture.

Ok, please be sure to stop by in this forum often (at least once a week!) and post your questions about Minnesota ASAP! Bye for now!
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