About AceBIT

AceBIT was founded in 1996 in Reinheim (Germany), at that time named sofTRANS. Since 1998, AceBIT has been registered as a limited company (GmbH). In January 2003, the company's name was changed to AceBIT. Since August 2007, the company has been based in Darmstadt.

Wide Product Range

AceBIT offers a wide range of software products.

Hello Engines! and Ranking Toolbox target professional webmasters, offering all of the tools needed in order to successfully optimize and promote websites.

Added to this are the FTP client WISE-FTP and the popular password manager Password Depot.

AceBIT’s advanced range of products is complemented by AceBackup for quick and easy data backups, and the survey tool WinSurvey.

Renowned Quality

AceBIT’s software products have won numerous awards from specialist publications and are successful worldwide. More than 1,000,000 issued licenses tell their own tale!

AceBIT products do not only convince private users. Among our content customers are also numerous major companies, in Germany as well as abroad, and many small and medium-sized companies.

AceBIT – We develop software for your success and are only satisfied once you are!