The AceBIT Reseller Programm

Share the success of our software by becoming a registered AceBIT affiliate!

Order for your customers via our online shop and receive a discount for every purchase.

If you own a website and prefer to set a link on your website please find here more information about our affiliate program.

How is the reseller program working?

As an owner of an online shop or a software vendor you can register for our reseller program and order our products at a reduced price. When you then resell the software to your customer the discount will become your profit.

How do I register?

To register as a reseller, please fill out the following form.

As soon as your account has been verified you will receive your log-in data with which you can log in to our website and place your order.

How is an order executed?

Whether you prefer that the product key is directly sent to your customer or whether you would like to handle it yourself is up to you. After ordering you will get an invoice for your records, of course.

Where do I find other material which I can use for my website?

A compilation of adverstising material like logos, boxshots, info texts etc. can be found in our Gallery.

Any further questions?

If you write us an email to, we will be glad to help you.