Going to reformat...thoughts?

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George L
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Going to reformat...thoughts?

Post by George L » December 26th, 2009, 3:29 pm

Hey all...I recently got a nasty ol virus....my pc is now clean, however...some settings seem to have changed and Im 99% sure I am going to have to reformat. Im not very good with pc stuff...I have had my Wise-FTP for years now...my questions are these...when/if I reformat my WISE-FTP wil be deleted...what will I have to do to get it back? If I remember right I downloaded it from the net, there is no disk I have...can/should I create a disk before I reformat? If yes....how...go to the program and send it to my burner? Is there passwords for my WISE-FTP....if there is I have been logged on for so long now I do not even know if there are passwords more less what it might be.
Any and all thoughts would be great!! Thanks in Advance. George L

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Support (AceBIT)
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Re: Going to reformat...thoughts?

Post by Support (AceBIT) » January 5th, 2010, 5:02 pm

Hello George,

you can download the program at any time from our website. You will find the current version here: http://www.wise-ftp.com/download.htm
If you had installed a previous version, you will find it here: http://www.wise-ftp.com/download/previous.htm

The downloaded version is a trial version that can be used without restriction for 30 days! But you can unlock it to a full version at any time with the corresponding unlock code. You have received an unlock code after purchasing the software. If you have purchased the software directly from our website, you are a registered customer and we will find your order in our database and can resend the unlock to you. (Please send your request to support@acebit.com)

In case you have received the software from one of our partners as for example 1&1, you have received an unlock code from them. In case you cannot find the unlock code they provided, you need to contact them directly. We do not have access to their customer database.

If you want to transfer your existing FTP accounts to the new computer, please follow the instruction of the following article from our database: http://www.acebit.com/service/kb/article/000154

For further questions you may also contact our support team at support@acebit.com

Best regards,
AceBIT Support
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