unlock code does not work

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unlock code does not work

Post by wombat » June 20th, 2012, 2:58 pm

i Downloaded WISE today, and i am very happy with it. :up:
But unfortunately the unlock-code is not working. Can you :help: me?

Simon (AceBIT Team)
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Re: unlock code does not work

Post by Simon (AceBIT Team) » June 21st, 2012, 11:56 am


Please note that for unlocking you need two codes:

1. Activation Key: can be requested for free within the Activation Wizard by clicking on the button "Request Activation Key".

2. Unlock Code: this code you receive via email after having purchased the product.

To unlock your program do as follows:

1. Open your program. Select HELP --> PURCHASE. Select "UNLOCK NOW". The Activation Wizard will open up. Click NEXT.

2. Enter your personal details. Please ensure to enter a valid email address. Click NEXT.

3. Now a dialog box opens up and you are prompted to request the Activation Key. Click on the button "Request Activation Key". NOTE: The Activation Key is NOT identical to the unlock code. The Activation Key is automatically sent to the email address you have entered. Copy and Paste the Activation Key into the corresponding field. Click NEXT.

4. Now enter the unlock code you received after purchasing the software. Click NEXT.

5. Finish the unlocking process, restart your application to check whether unlocking was successful or not.

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