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MYSQL related issue ??

Posted: June 9th, 2005, 11:28 pm
by azjack
Under settings: General Tab: I tried both PHP and ASP 3.0. When i publish the survey
locally and then ftp the files to my windows 2003 server that has asp enabled.I can see
the survey on the web but when I click on submit, it gives me an error' This page cannot be
displayed. It shows the same message regardless which one I use asp or php.
What do I need to do? I am totally lost. Need help quickly before the trail
period expires.. :(

(I have installed mysql version mysql-4.1.12a-win32 and created a
"database01". Since I installed the win survey2005 version right on to mysql server so I selected localhost.)

Posted: June 10th, 2005, 1:17 pm
by Support (AceBIT)

does the error message contain any more information? The WebServer is a different server than the machine where MySQL runs on, right? You said you entered "localhost". Please note that in this case this only works for the local connection (left part of the database settings window). For the script (right part) you have to enter the network name or IP address, so that the WebServer can access the database.

Posted: June 10th, 2005, 4:28 pm
by azjack
thanks for your response. I checked on the right side of the DB Coonectivity is set to IP of the MYSQL server. wituser name and password.
It still says "page cannot be displayed" after clicking on the "submission" button on the survey. Where do I need to look at.
This software sounds great but can't get it to work. Any help please...
Thanks in advance

Posted: June 14th, 2005, 12:23 pm
by Serghei (AceBIT)

First of all you must decide which scripting engine you want to use, either ASP or PHP. It looks that you run ASP enabled web server on Windows NT platform but the matter is an ASP script cannot insert reponses to a MySql database. Only .PHP scripts based on PHP-enabled webservers (typically on apache) may insert responses directly to a MySql database.

With an .ASP script you may only use e-mail based approach for handling responses, that is when a respondent clicks a 'submit' button, the .asp script generates an email messages with answers and sends this email to your email address. Later you may import this email from your default email server or POP3 server and insert the response into a database (it may be local Access or a MySql database).

The error page 'This page cannot be displayed' when you post a response to .asp script may mean the following:

1) the web directory where processform.asp is located does not alow executing scripsts. We recommend to place all survey related files into one web directory on you web server and allow users to 'execute' file in that directory;

2) ASP Mail component used in the processform.asp is not supported by your webeserver. Winsurvey can generate code for 2 types of email components: 'ASP Mail' and 'JMail' but actually there are many other components and the question is which of them is supported by your web server. If you are determined to establish a survey engine on your windows 2003 webserver please send your survey file and generated processform.asp to - we will try to find out which email component is right for you.

As a quick and easy alternative we can recommend you to try 'Light' handling responses method. This is pretty easy way to handle responses and provides the same performance as an ASP-based webserver.

Best regards