Two small bugs and one question

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Two small bugs and one question

Post by dante82 » February 8th, 2008, 11:54 am

I'm using a trial version of WinSurvey 2005 Build and I''m generally content with it and probably would buy it for my institution. However i have observed two small problems. First, in the survey options I can set the default font, size, encoding and so on - however the font type and size is not saved (encoding stays the way as it was set by me, but font keeps reverting to Verdana size 11. Is it a bug?

Also, when i have a multiple choice question "choose all that apply" and have the option "choose all and specify" - it's customary that the essay box will be the last option. However, when it is not the last option (or I have more than one essay tickbox) there is no <br> or anything after the essay box, and the next answer checkbox appears immediately to the right - it's ugly and impractical (like this: 5. [ ] AnswerX [______________] 6. [ ] AnswerY .) Is there any way to change it? The same applies to positioning of the answer box - it is positioned to the right, counting from the longest answer, and not the answer it belongs to, which results in large gap between answer and window
(like this: 6. [ ] Answer ...................................... [__________________]) (dots being the spacebars)

And about my question... I've seen that the essay Questions are limited to 255 chars due to the Access limitation.
Does using the MySQL alleviate the problem?
And does the MySQL have the 255 column limit? (Shouldn't have)

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Re: Two small bugs and one question

Post by AceBIT » February 8th, 2008, 7:49 pm

Thank you very much for your bug report. We already fixed both problems and updated WinSurvey. Please use the download manager to update your version or just download the new build via our website. The problem with 255 limits is currently more fundamental - for compatibility with all versions of MySQL and MS Access we have to use these limits. This can will solved ib the next version.
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