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How to report individual responses

Posted: February 8th, 2010, 1:37 pm
by AndrewBond
I am using WinSurvey 3 and don't know how to produce a report displaying individual responses to my survey.

I know how to produce summary reports. However, I want also to get a print out of each individual response (i.e. one person's answers to each question).

How do I do that?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Andrew Bond

Re: How to report individual responses

Posted: February 9th, 2010, 11:30 am
by Support (AceBIT)
Hello Andrew,

The Result Management module helps you to manage the results (responses) of a published survey. After you have created and published one or more surveys on the web, you are able to keep track of the answers by using this module.

Using the Export Responses button, you can import your answers into a XML, CSV or text file. This makes it easy for you to process the exported data into the format needed.

To search for specific results, you can create a Filter.
If you would like to use only certain data sets, a filter is helpful to find them. From the list of already created filters, you can select a filter and click OK.
To create a new filter, click New. With the Edit button, you can edit an existing filter which is selected in the list. To delete a selected filter, click Delete.
With the help of the check box Filter is Active you can activate different filters.

Filter Builder
To create a filter, a number of values is needed:
Enter a Filter Name first, which clearly identifies this filter for you.
To actually create a filter, select the Field Name according to which you would like to filter the data. At Condition, select the value (for example "is equal to") which fits the condition you want to ask for. In the Value field enter the value which correctly sums up your condition as a whole. An example could look like "Greeting equal to Mr." if you would like to have only male participants.
You can enter as many conditions as you like and combine them using AND, OR and brackets. This way you can create quite complex filter conditions. To see if your filter could anyway be working correctly, click Test Filter.
Using Clear Filter you can delete all conditions you have entered so far and start anew.
After you have finished editing your filter, click OK.

Best Regards,
AceBIT Support

Re: How to report individual responses

Posted: February 9th, 2010, 5:11 pm
by AndrewBond
Thanks for the reply - but it doesn't quite answer my question.

What I want is something like the summary report but showing the results of just one response. And I want to produce that report for each response. In other words, the report should merely report back the answers received, one respone at a time. How do you set up a filter to do that?

I am surprised this is not available in the software (it is not obvious it is). Exporting to XML or CSV leaves me with a **lot** of work to do to get individual responses back out of the database.


Re: How to report individual responses

Posted: February 10th, 2010, 11:57 am
by Support (AceBIT)
Hello Andrew,

sorry for the misunderstanding!! :?

Currently WinSurvey displays reports and charts only statistically. Individual answers are visible however for text questions (i.e Essays questions)

In other words, the tables and charts in the reports cannot display individual responses. The may display only statistical info, for ex. 20% of responses - Yes, 70% - No, 10% - Not sure.

When a survey contains essay questions, where respondents must type some text, then the report contains these answers "as is".

Best regards,
AceBIT Support