FTP Problems

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FTP Problems

Post by kadekcafu » March 17th, 2010, 1:12 am

Hi! I'm trying to use mi own server with the super mode, but even when the db works (when I click the test connection), in the manage servers I'm having a trouble because it's just say error uploading files, but don't say what the problem is. I'd like that you send me examples about how to set the configuration in this window.

PD: I'm can't speak a lot a english, but I hope that you can understand me.

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Re: FTP Problems

Post by AceBIT » March 30th, 2010, 4:04 pm


the following information is required:

Host: Enter the address of your host, for example ftp.myserver.com or just myserver.com (just like in your FTP client)

HTTP Path: Enter the http address of your server, where your survey will be published. This must be the complete URL so that you can reach it via browser
for example http://www.myserver.com/survey/

FTP Path: The complete server path to your survey. This is the path, which you see when you login with your FTP client. for example /myserver/survey/

User name: Enter the user name for your FTP connection.

Password: Enter the password for your FTP connection.

Passive mode: If you check this box, the transfer will be executed in passsive mode, which might help in case a firewall blocks the connection.

Mask password: If checked, the password which you enter is masked.

After entering all necessary information, click OK.
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