Not sure if backup is working

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Not sure if backup is working

Post by Rocktap » September 6th, 2004, 2:48 am

Hi there,

I've just installed and registered Ace backup. I've scheduled an automatic backup of an account file (.dat extension). I did a manual process just to see that its working (backing up to a USB flash drive). The backup takes place, but the backup file is something with an .nsx extension, which I can't open, and it looks to be a very small file compared to the original. Why doesn't it just back up the file 'as is' ? I'm using the straight backup option, not the archive/encrypt option.



Serghei (AceBIT)

Post by Serghei (AceBIT) » September 6th, 2004, 8:25 am


The backed up files have extension .nsz.NNN, where NNN is number of version. Even if you do not use encryption and compression, processed files contain a small piece of AceBackup's information (version of AceBackup's used, control sum CRC32, and other). This information is required to verify whether a file is processed correctly (when you backup or restore file).

We have introduced the 'AS IS' backup format in the version 2.1 of AceBackup. This version will be availbale for download on this week . Please check Help|Update Manager... in a few days.

Best regards

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