First Review Comments

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First Review Comments

Post by KevinE » June 19th, 2008, 4:23 pm

Been looking for a alternate to the buggy program I am using right now (handybackup) and found this one which looks promising although my initial testing has not been 100% go. Here is are some of my comments:

1. Our files are stored in directory on our server. Every project gets a directory so the director structure constantly changes. First thing I checked was was AB able to detect new directories. It didn't seem to. This is a *major* short coming. There is no way we will go and up?ate a project to make sure all directories are backed up. We have literally thousands of directories that change every day.

2. I did successfully create a project, add some files and backup successfully to an ftp site. However after the first backup, I wanted to test if it would pickup up a change in an edited file. The "Process" button on the toolbar is greyed out and I can't seem to get is ungreyed. I tried disconnect and reconnect. I was only able to get it ungreyed after exiting and restarting the program. What am I doing wrong here?

3. Why does one have to connect and disconnect from media? Surely this is an internal process when you instruct the program to backup or restore?

4. Project...Reset Updates. Tooltip says "Reset changes that have not been processed". What does this really mean?

5. Tested the restore. On my ftpsite, I accidentally deleted some files in the backed up set. Went to ace backup to do a restore - when it found that some of the files where missing, this caused an error that terminated the restore (the other files present in the backup were not restored). Also on this note, I tried to delete a directory in my backup project file but because of the deleted files it didn't want to seem to let me do anything with the project.

6. I couldn't get the scheduled backup to work. Checked the settings in the windows scheduler and all seemed fine. Tried to execute a backup from windows scheduler but nothing happens (SBS2000 box)

7. I would prefer to see the backup files stored in a zip or rar format (maybe they already are, just a different file extension?). At least with this approach, one is able to access the backup archive if there is a problem restoring files using the application (which has happened to me in the past with handybackup). For this option, an option must be present to password protect the file but not use encryption. When my restore problem happened with handybackup, i found a program called unziplify that was able to recurse through a complete directory structure and unzip files to another location.

8. Overall, this is a very promising package that has almost all the features I am looking for (ftp offsite backup specifically). I think the interface is a bit awkward and should be re-designed to make it more intuitive. I don't care for the exporer window in the main program window - I was initially confused with why it was there and what you are to do with it. Handybackup gives a tree structure that you check each file and/or directory that you want backed up. It automatically adds all sub-directories when you pick a main directory.

9. I have a problem with "free" backup believe it or not. For anybody who is serious about backup, you realize that $100 or so for a backup program is nothing. I have been through the stress of trying to restore 7 years of backup data after a hard drive failure so I am alot more cautious about what program I use. I sense this program needs *alot* more testing - it has to be absolutely bulletproof in every single aspect - you usually find that after a catastrophic failure the environment you are in is totally different to what it was when you backing up. Its important that you actually test your backup plan to make sure it actually works, maybe even try and through a few wrenches in there to see how the program deals with them...

Just my 2 cents worth....


Katrin (AceBIT-Team)

Re: First Review Comments

Post by Katrin (AceBIT-Team) » June 20th, 2008, 12:58 pm

Hello Kevin,

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback!

It may take some time to go through the individual suggestions and problems, but we will pass yor feedback on to our development team and they will certainly find lots of useful ideas for improvement in that.

As AceBackup has been freeware for some time now, we will not be able to deal with all this with top priority, but hopefully there will be an update anyway in the near future.

Best regards

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