How to translate AceBackup into other languages?

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How to translate AceBackup into other languages?

Post by AceBIT » March 5th, 2012, 1:20 pm

We receive many requests from users who would like to translate AceBackup into their own language.

Here are some instructions how to do that:

First, check if the language is already available here:

If not:

1) Download and install the "SIL Editor":

2) Download the file:

Version 3:
(29.92 KiB) Downloaded 422 times
It contains the current translations in German and English

3) Load the .sib file in the SIL Editor and enter your translation into the "custom" column.

4) Put the .sib file into the program directory and rename it to "AceBackup.sib". Your language is now available via "Options"

5) If you want to allow us to use your translation too, please send us a written accreditation ( Of course, we will mention you and your website as translator.

General hints:

Please take into account the following considerations:

Translating of “%” symbol. The symbol % plays very important role in Delphi projects, usually it is not used for displaying the percent sign but for special formatting purposes. Therefore all words, beginning with % must be repeated in the translation EXACTLY AS IS.

  • English: Connected to %s as %s
    German: Verbunden mit %s als %s
    French: Connecté à %s comme %s
  • English: %.2fKB (%d bytes)
    German: %.2fKB (%d Bytes)
    French: %.2fKo (%d octets)
Translating MultiLines. When translating multi-lines double-click on the un-translated cell to open the Multi-Line Editor. Please note, that the number of lines in the translated cell must be exactly the same as in the original.

String Lengths. The same strings in different languages may have very different lengths. For example, some phrases, translated from English to French may become 2 times longer. Sometimes this cannot be avoided, but whenever possible, please try to make translations not too much longer than original phrases as it may negatively affect the user interface.
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