Windows 2000 compression problems and other bugs

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Dan Long
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Windows 2000 compression problems and other bugs

Post by Dan Long » March 28th, 2004, 5:12 am

I installed Ace Backup on my Windows 2000 Computer a week ago. My first backup project I selected Maximum compression. It worked fine until it choked on my large Outlook .pst file which is already compressed. After some experimenting I noticed that this program cannot handle maximun compression settings involving already compressed source files. My backup projects are mixed with some already compressed files with the majority being uncompressed. There is no way to individually select compression options per file, only per project.

Another problem occured when I tried to turn off all compression on subsequent projects. No matter what I do the program will only work in compression mode. I have tried every setting imaginable. Judging by the other complaints of Win 2000 users I get the impression this program was primarily written for XP users.

Also when I used the Project Setup Wizard I used the Back button. The program remembers all the data you have already entered except for the Project Name and replaces it with the default project name. So if you use the back button on the wizard be sure to check the name of your project.

I found these problems after barely gettting started with Ace Backup.

Don't use Ace Backup if you are a Win 2000 User !

Serghei (AceBIT)

Post by Serghei (AceBIT) » March 29th, 2004, 1:11 pm


AceBackup can backup any compressed or uncompressed file if this file is not used by another process in exclusive mode. Probably you tried to backup Outlook.pst while MS Outlook was running. In this case third-party applications have no access to Outlook.pst. Just try to add this file to a WinZip archive while MS Outlook is running.

With respect to compression level. What do you mean "the program will only work in compression mode"? When you change the compression level for a project, then the new settings will be apllied only to NEW items (versions) you add to the project. The files which are already on the backup media cannot be re-compressed. The same is true for the encryption method.

The small problem with "Project Name" is fixed in version Please download this upgrade via the program menu Help|Update manager

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