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Using archive bit

Post by dannyk » May 22nd, 2004, 12:36 pm


I've just purchased AceBackup 2004 and can't find out how to configure incremental backups. I bought AceBackup because of the encryption/FTP capability. But, in order to minimise network traffic during an FTP backup, I only want to backup those files which have changed since the last backup, not the whole lot.

Is it possible to do incremental backups and if not, when will this feature be included?


Serghei (AceBIT)

Post by Serghei (AceBIT) » May 22nd, 2004, 1:47 pm


AceBackup supports 3 modes of backups:
1) Replace Existing Files
2) Update Older files only
3) Create New Version

If you choose for entire project or selected folders/files mode 2) or 3) then AceBackup processes and transfer ONLY those files that has been modified since the last backup.

To check the backup mode, select your project in the Project View and choose in context menu Properties. In the Project Properties dialog box check the "Default action on name collision". For FTP storage it is recommended to use "Update older files only" or "Create New Version" mode.

After that, select in the Project view entire project or a folder, and click "Update" button. AceBackup will scan your local HDD and mark all modified files as "Ready to backup". After that click "Process" button to perform actual compression/encryption and backup.

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