Bye bye Linkpartner-Depot!

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Bye bye Linkpartner-Depot!

Post by AceBIT » April 6th, 2009, 5:47 pm

At some point in time, every good idea becomes out-dated!

When the Linkpartner-Depot was launched in 2001 it was an innovative idea with which our customers were able to push their search engine optimization effectively. Users of our software products Hello Engines! and Ranking Toolbox had the free possibility to build linkpartnerships by mutual (or one-sided) linking of their websites. In the beginning, this lead to quick and remarkable results, because search engines rated a website to a large part according to incoming links and their anchor texts.

In the meantime, trends have changed considerably.

The search results of Google and other search engines suffered from a quality loss because of such systems, as those could be effectively used to get new websites (even with bad content) out of nowhere to the top. Nowadays, search engines are able to identify and punish such systems faster and extremely reliably. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue Linkpartner-Depot.

It is and never was the purpose of our software products to play tricks on search engines. Even 10 years ago we continued to emphasize that the content of a website should always have top priority!

It is anyway not only legitimate, but also absolutely necessary for a website to survive that all permitted methods which might be an advantage are applied. In the end, it is always up to the website owner, how far he or she wants to go.

But because Google is meanwhile able to identify nearly ALL online systems which buy links or which are used for a mutual linking it is not recommendable to continue this kind of linking in the future. This by the way also – and even more – applies to commercial services which sell text links like or
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