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Post by AceBIT » July 20th, 2009, 9:00 pm

What is the "AceBIT SEO Professionals Suite", short ASEOPS?

ASEOPS is currently under developement. It is the successor product of Hello Engines! Professional 6. A new development which is exclusively made for experienced webmasters and professional SEOs and their needs.

A feature list and beta version will be released soon.

Currently the release date is planned to be September 2010.

Until ASEOPS is released you will find the current version of Hello Engines! Professional! on the ASEOPS website.

Short FAQ for ASEOPS/Hello Engines! Professional:

Question: Does it still make sense to buy Hello Engines! Professional or should I wait for the new product?
  • Answer: If your projects can wait until the release date in September it is ok to wait for the new version. Otherwise, Hello Engines! Professional is the current version of our SEO software.
Question: Can I upgrade my Hello Engines! Professional to ASEOPS later?
  • Answer: Yes, sure. Although ASEOPS is a new product, it is the official successor product of Hello Engines! Professional
Question: What will ASEOPS cost?
  • Answer: ASEOPS will fall into the same price category as Hello Engines! Professional does now. What we want to increase is the efficiency of our products not the price ;-)
Question: I have HE PRO 6 and now want the new HE7.
  • Answer: As Hello Engines! Professional is the higher-priced product a downgrade to Hello Engines! 7 is not possible.
Question: Can I upgrade from HE7 to HE PRO6?
  • Answer: Yes, that’s possible.
Question: What’s the difference between Hello Engines! 7 and ASEOPS?
  • Answer: While Hello Engines! 7 offers the basic analysis and optimization tools for every website including search engine submission, the Professionals Suite ASEOPS will have many specialized tools which support professional SEOs and agencies in their daily work and extend and improve the current Hello Engines! Professional. There will be a trial version for both products, so that you can make the right decision before buying.

Question: Will the number of URLs be limited in ASEOPS as well?
  • Answer: This is currently not known.
Question: Which features will ASEOPS have?
  • Answer: A list with all the functions which are planned will be released soon.
Question: How can I participate in the beta tests for ASEOPs?
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