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Using Password Depot with Android is Complicated

Posted: December 27th, 2016, 9:18 pm
by kid185
I bought Password Depot to try to get a grip on my ever increasing number of passwords with my ever increasing number of devices with internet connectivity. It seemed a good idea since Password Depot works with Windows, IOS, and Android devices. Well, kinda.

If I want to use it with Android (or IOS I would imagine), I am forced to do one of two things.

A) Use the internal Browser, which is not my standard browser, has none of my favorites (or features of Firefox or Chrome), and none of my browser history from my everyday browsing.


B) Use my normal browser (Firefox or Chrome) with all my history, favorites, and features, but lacking addon capabilities, and no chance to communicate with Password Depot. Thus creating the situation that in order to get the password into the website, I have to Start PWDepot, maneouver to the Password, Copy the Password, move back to my Browser, and paste it into the appropriate place, all before the password is erased from the clipboard. (If I need to copy and paste the User ID, I have to do all this twice).

This may work, but it is kinda like reaching around your elbow to scratch your butt.

What would be really great is for Password Depot to have the option to automatically copy the user ID and password into the clipboard, and jump back to the standard browser from there, enabling us to manually paste into the browser without having to use the home button to leave Password Depot and then reenter the browser. At least until addon ability is finally added to firefox and chrome browsers for Android.

Or at the very least, to have a time limit for when I have to reenter my master password when I restart Password Depot after having to close it to paste into my browser. Having to reenter the password every time I go back to the program is maybe a safe method, but makes the whole process extremely complicated to use with normal browsers.