Password Depot 9 - Was ist neu?

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Password Depot 9 - Was ist neu?

Post by AceBIT » November 2nd, 2015, 4:30 pm

Hallo und herzlich willkommen beim Beta-Test der Version 9!

Hier ist die vorläufige Liste der Neuerungen:

What is new in Password Depot 9.0.0?
  • Advanced user interface with full support of Windows 10 was implemented.
  • New universal data format of password files supports all platforms and provides better performance.
  • New wizard for searching of duplicated or similar password entries was introduced.
  • New command for protected completion and submission of web forms in Internet Explorer was added.
  • Web browser add-ons were improved and optimized.
  • Numerous other enhancements and fixes.
What is new in Password Depot Server 9.0.0?
  • Enhanced performance of the server.
  • Support of the new universal password file format (PSWD).
  • Support of connections from mobile devices.
  • Enhanced user interface and reports.
  • Simplified management of user access rights.
  • New right 'Use passwords' allows to grant restricted access to selected entries and groups without ability to read the actual passwords.
  • New option for automatic disconnection of inactive clients was introduced.
  • Number of other improvements and optimizations.
What is new in Password Depot Mobile Edition 9.0.0?
  • New universal data format of password files (PSWD).
  • Possibility to access password files on Password Depot Server via IP/TCP protocol.
  • Managed access to password entries and groups accordingly to the Password Depot Server policies.
  • Improved user interface and performance of the apps.
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