Password Depot 12 for IOS?

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Password Depot 12 for IOS?

Post by fstrange » February 15th, 2019, 9:57 pm

Hi Acebit.

I've had some trouble with Password Depot for IOS during upgrade/change of iPhone.

Your product information about Password Depot is very minimalistic and just links to the app stores. Example:

I've never noticed that you've published Password Depot updates as new apps, so it turned out that I still had Password Depot for IOS version 7 (!) installed on my phone.

Your deep link ... 45878?mt=8 showed that you actually have two newer versions available - to apps that i've never noticed?!

Two questions:
  • a) Could you please inform more explicit when upgrades to your smartphone apps are available? Why didn't you e.g. deprecate version 7 on the app store?
  • b) I've upgraded to Password Depot 12 (Windows). Will there also be a version 12 of IOS app?
Best Regards,
Fredrik Strange

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