Version on IOS 7.1

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Version on IOS 7.1

Post by cjr3 » March 20th, 2014, 8:52 pm

I have version on my iphone 4s. I have updated to IOS 7.1 and cannot get it to open up. I am basically locked out of all of my passwords and info.

It propmts me to enter a password, but there is no way to input/enter it.

Can anyone please help me? I have been trapped for months, ever since I updated to ios7.0.

I do not sink this phone with any computer, it has always just been used on my iphone for keeping things.



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Stefan (AceBIT Team)
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Re: Version on IOS 7.1

Post by Stefan (AceBIT Team) » March 21st, 2014, 1:54 pm


the current version of the app is incompatible with iOS 7. We are currently working on a new app for iOS that will work on iOS 7.1 as well.

You can still access your passwords by transferring the password file (*.pswx) to your PC and open it in Password Depot:

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