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Crash on load 6.0.3

Posted: February 6th, 2009, 4:25 am
by paultgreen
Hi to all, I have Hello Engines 6.0.3 (downloaded through's admin page)

The problem I have is the software crashes - on the splash screen, I click "Continue Evaluation" and get a Windows Vista messages saying "Hello Engines! Standard Edition has stopped working" and it gives me the option to close the application. Am I doing something wrong? I have tried activating it but it does the same thing once I've used the activation code and serial number, I've uninstalled it three times now.

I'm running Vista Home Premium on an AMD X2 Turion 2.0 with 3gb ram.

Re: Crash on load 6.0.3

Posted: February 6th, 2009, 11:54 am
by Katrin (AceBIT-Team)

First of all, we would ask you to download the latest version of Hello Engines! from our website here:
This is version 6.5.8 and with your unlock code from 1&1 you should be able to unlock this one as well.

The other problem could be a DEP (Data Execution Prevention) problem, please try the following:
1.) Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and select System.
2.) On the Advanced tab, under Performance, click Settings.
3.) On the Data Execution Prevention tab, add Hello Engines! to the list of exceptions

Does this help?

Best regards

Re: Crash on load 6.0.3

Posted: December 18th, 2013, 1:34 pm
by angleblue63
In which format did you enter your URL? Maybe you could send us a screenshot where we can see what you have entered in Hello Engines?

Re: Crash on load 6.0.3

Posted: August 10th, 2017, 9:57 am
by AceDan23
Download new version. Remember the newest version are always better then older one, because they are always have some more updates or more options.