To see it on the Internet

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To see it on the Internet

Post by ujongpasir » August 13th, 2009, 8:30 pm

I have been to see my site on the internet. I have explained many times and many ways to describe the problems I am having. Unforunately the server's tech seems to not understand my main problem. I was referred to irrelevant answers to sort my problems but they all are at crosspurpose to the simple problem of - how do I see it on the website on the Internet. As you will notice the following is what I have on the WiseFTP all I am need is an instruction on how I can see it on the Internet. Unless, of course there is something missing in my description.
I am absolutely certain there exist an expert in this Forum who can assist me. I am very new to HTML and website developing. Many thanks

I have uploaded the file to the FPT Log. Now you ask me if it is in the htdoc folder. What I can only describe and hopefully you visualise the WiseFTP-5 windows. Both the windows i.e. Local and Remotes system displays identical files. The Local System and the Remote System each has two windows.

The Local is My Document and Settings with htdoc folder and when clicked to open displays all other folders affiliates. The bottom window shows all .php files and a two folders

Thee Remote System at the top bar displays the website (ftp.... The top window displays the htdoc folder when open shows all folders affiliated. the bottom window displays all .php files and folders e,g. cgi.bin-css- google- doc-goodies etc etc

Can you please tell me the next step please


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Re: To see it on the Internet

Post by Support (AceBIT) » August 15th, 2009, 4:38 pm

Please contact your ISP and ask then to check which directory is defined as start directory for your site.

For example:

If the start directory is /htdoc/mysites/bodysecretsrevealed/ then you will see via http:/ / bodysecretsrevealed. com in your browser the whatever is stored there.
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