Backup project problem

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Backup project problem

Post by Bertsjuhn » November 24th, 2012, 7:47 pm


I am new to AceBackup, and as I was experimenting I came across a problem.

When trying to run the backup of my C drive again I got an error running the backup:

Code: Select all

Daily Backup - Volume #0 (\\NAS\Backups\PC) - Log started: 24-11-2012 18:40:46
Operation:	Create folder "C:\Users\Jantje\Documents\AceBackup 3\Backups\Daily Backup\Archives\C:\"
Result:		Het opgegeven pad is ongeldig (Code: 161)
Daily Backup - Volume #0 (\\NAS\Backups\PC) - Log ended: 24-11-2012 18:40:46
This is cased by the "C:" directory that the backup is trying to create.

How to solve this issue?
I Do want to have a full backup of my C drive so that is why I made a backup project containing the C drive :)

Filip (AceBit)
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Re: Backup project problem

Post by Filip (AceBit) » November 27th, 2012, 10:35 am

Hello Bertsjuhn!

I am sorry, but I cannot discern the reason for the problem without knowing further details. Perhaps the backup’s target location is not defined correctly. In order to help me fix the issue, could you please try to reproduce the problem and provide me with details? Thank you!
Best regards,

- Acebit Support -Team -

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