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1&1 Internet AG

1 & 1 Internet AG

AceBIT has been a cooperation partner of 1&1 since 1999. Our products Hello Engines! Standard, Ranking Toolbox and WISE-FTP have been part of all webhosting packages since then.

With about 11 million customer contracts, 1&1 Internet AG, which has been founded in Montabaur in 1988, is one of the leading internet providers, offering a wide range of online applications to consumers, industries and freelancers.

1&1 is present on the German, Austrian, British , French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Canadian, Argentinian and US market.

Deutsche Telekom

AceBIT has been a cooperation partner of T-Online (now Deutsche Telekom) since 2004. Our products Hello Engines! Standard, Ranking Toolbox and WISE-FTP are part of all web hosting packages.

With more than 180 million private and business customers worldwide in the areas of mobile communications, conventional telephone networks and broad band, Deutsche Telekom is one of the leading telecommunications companies. The range of products also includes different internet services.

The headquarters of Deutsche Telekom are located in Bonn, Germany. The company is present in about 50 countries in Europe and worldwide. Since January 2005, it has been based in Darmstadt.

More than 1,000,000 licenses delivered!

Excerpt from our list of corporate customers:

Lycos has been our cooperation partner in software bundling since 2003. Lycos Europe is an operator of a European internet portal. It consists of a network of websites in nine languages and combines search functions, communication services, internet access, homepage building and online communities. When established in 1995, Lycos was one of the first search engines. It later evolved into a focused network of community and social sites. Today, Lycos is a subsidiary of Ybrant Digital, an end-to-end global digital marketing company.
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Siemens AG
The Siemens AG with head offices in Berlin and Munich is one of the biggest and old-established companies in the electrical engineering and electronics. The company has around 360,000 employees working to develop and manufacture products, design and install complex systems and projects, and tailor a wide range of solutions for individual requirements. Siemens is the leading manufacturers in power engineering, health, industry and infrastrucure in more than 190 countries.
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The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a multinational computer technology and consulting corporation. The company is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history dating back to the 19th century. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware, software and services, and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. The company has currently more than 400,000 employees and is present in more than 170 countries.
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HUK Coburg
The HUK-COBURG insurance group is the grand German insurer with a comprehensive range of insurance and building society savings offers for all private households. More than 9 million customers have trusted in HUK-COBURG. The parent company HUK-COBURG was founded in 1933. The company has currently about 7,700 employees.
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T-Mobile (now Telekom Deutschland GmbH) started the overall operation in 1993 as an independent trading company. Today, the company is one of the most successful mobile phone operators in the world and offers products and services regarding the networked life and work. In 2011, Deutsche Telekom was able to achieve a turnover of 58.7 billion Euros with its 236,000 employees.
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Deutsche Post
The Deutsche Post AG, Germany's only universal provider of postal services, is part of Deutsche Post DHL which is active in more than 220 countries with about 470,000 employees. Deutsche Post provides a range of postal, financial and telecommunications services. In 2011, the corporate group earned nearly 53 billion Euros.
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ThyssenKrupp Stahl
The ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG is a global player holding leading positions in the high-quality flat steel industry worldwide. The segment is organized into the business units Steelmaking, Industry, Auto and Processing. ThyssenKrupp Steel corporate group achieved a turnover of 49 billion Euros in 2011 and has about 180,000 employees.
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DBV Winterthur
Part of the customer group of DBV are private customers as well as civil servants and employees in civil service, small and medium-sized companies and doctors. The corporate group has about 1.7 million customers.
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Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is a diversified healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting company, focused on improving people’s lives through timely innovations. Philips has more than 120,000 employees in more than 100 countries and achieved a turnover of 22.3 billion Euros in 2010.
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IDG Communications AG
The IDG Communications Media AG located in Munich is a subsidiary of IDG International Data Group which publishes more than 300 IT magazines in 85 countries. Since its founding in 1964, IDG has grown to become a multi-billion dollar company with global reach. In Germany, IDG is acting as a service provider for the ICT sector with media, services, events and a data pool. The magazines published include PC-Welt, GameStar, COMPUTERWOCHE or CIO. IDG's global products and services have become the trusted source for advice and insight into technology cust and trends around the world.
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Ever since its foundation in 1887 in Germany, AEG has pioneered advanced electrical engineering in consumer products. The product range includes washing machines, fridges and coffee machines.
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Bohlen & Doyen GmbH & Co.
Since 1950, Bohlen & Doyen has been well-known as a reliable, high-performance partner in theareas of construction, service and plant engineering as well as filling station technologies and offshore. Since the beginning of 2011, the company is part of the corporate group of SAG GmbH in Langen, Germany. The group has about 7,500 employees at more than 125 sites.
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Heise Verlag
The businesses of Heise Medien Group publish in manifold ways - printed and electronically - phone books, directory media, magazines, electronic media, reference books and fiction. Apart from the main office in Hanover, there are branches in Bremen, Munich, Goslar, Rostock and Erfurt. The company was founded as Verlag Heinz Heise in 1949 and has a turnover of about 100 million Euros.
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Scholl Communications AG
With more than 10,000 customers and more than 1,000 distribution partners, Scholl Communications AG is one of the most successful producers of Content Management Solutions in the German speaking market.
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University of Cambridge
The University of Cambridge is one of the world's oldest universities and leading academic centers, and a self-governed community of scholars. Cambridge comprises more than 100 departments, faculties, schools and other institutions.
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United Planet GmbH
United Planet develops Java-based standard software to create Enterprise Portals and Web Applications in the areas of information, communication and organization. With more than 4,000 installations and more than 500,000 users of the portal software Intrexx, United Planet is one of the leading companies in the segments medium-sized businesses, public administrations and organizations.
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E.ON is one of the world's largest power and gas companies. Roughly 79,000 employees generated just under 113 billion Euros in sales in 2011. In addition to its activities in Europe and Russia, E.ON operates an electric and gas utility business and renewable-source generating assets in North America.
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3M is an is one of the leading multi-technology companies with a long tradition in innovative high technology. The company produces thousands of products, including adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, dental products, electrical materials, electronic circuits and optical films.
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Basler Versicherungen
Basler Versicherungen is a long-established insurance company, which has been on the German market for more than 150 years. With about 2,000 employees and a business volume of about 1.4 billion Euros, the group it is among the most important insurance companies in Germany.
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The Chemicals Business Area of Evonik Industries, formerly Degussa, operates in the attractive area of specialty chemicals, a field where it ranks among the top global players. The company concentrates on fields like health, nutrition, ressource efficiency and globalization. In 2011, Evonik had more than 33,000 employees and a turnover of 14.5 billion Euros.
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WMF maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing sites for cutleries, cookware, tableware, knifeware and coffee machines. The company, founded in 1853, is a supplier of branded products meeting the highest demands on design, quality and utility - throughout the world. Currently, 6,000 people work for WMF, which had a turnover of 979 million Euros in 2011.
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Tiscali S.p.A. (Borsa Italiana, Milan: TIS) is an independent Italian company that provides internet and telecommunications services to its domestic market.
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Hewlett Packard
HP is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world and has more than 1 billion customers. The company operates in 3 main segments: Personal Systems (PCs for private and business use, mobile devices abd work stations), Imaging and Printing (printers and equipment, printing solutions, digital photography and digital entertainment) as well as business customers (IT solutions for large enterprises). In 2011, HP had a turnover of 127.4 billion dollar and about 320,000 employees worldwide.
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Rohm and Haas Deutschland GmbH
Rohm and Haas, which was founded in the USA in 1909, is one of the leading companies for specialty chemicals. In April 2009, Rohm and Haas has been absorbed by The Dow Chamical Company, which owns more than 200 sites in 35 countries.
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Carl Hanser Verlag
The Carl Hanser Publishing Company, which was founded in 1928, is one of the top 40 German publishers for renowned literature as well as children's books and specialist literature. Hanser has more than 3,400 titles and exports part of its range of books and magazines to other countries as well. The company has currently about 200 employees and a turnover of 50 million Euros.
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Signal Iduna
The SIGNAL IDUNA Group was formed in 1999 from the merger between SIGNAL Versicherungen, Dortmund and the IDUNA NOVA Group, Hamburg. The corporate group offers insurances and financial services.
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Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken
The VP Group, founded in 1896, is a leading European provider of paper and plastic wrap packaging. The group currently produces a wide range of products - from paper carrier bags to packaging for shipping and medical sterilization pouches.
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First State Bank
The First State Bank (FSB), opened in 1917, is a bank which is locally owned and operated, with 11 branches in Macomb County. The bank has a long history of sponsoring and supporting a number of local charitable and non-profit organizations as well as helping out with local events. It currently has 200 employees.
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Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. The motion picture, television, computer entertainment, music and online businesses make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world.
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Ministerium für Landwirtschaft & Umwelt
Saxony-Anhalt is one of 16 member states of the Federal Republic of Germany. It was first established as one of the new East German federal states in October 1990. The four UNESCO World Heritage Site count amongst the greatest treasures of Saxony-Anhalt. The major universities and research instituations in Halle and Magdeburg are important scientific centers of the region.
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Stanford University
Stanford University is a private research university located in Stanford, California, United States. It was founded in 1885. The University is known as one of the leading research and educational instituations and for its multiculturalism and multidisciplinarity.
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Accenture (Andersen Consulting)
Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. It collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. Accenture has more than 246,000 employees in about 120 countries and achieved a turnover of 25.5 billion US dollar in 2011.
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The Bertelsmann AG produces, serves and markets media in more than 50 countries. Their content is contributed by RTL Group, Random House, Inc., Gruner + Jahr in the fields of television and radio, publishing of books, magazines and newspapers, printing and media services as well as club and direct marketing business. The turnover of Bertelsmann was 15.3 billion Euros in 2011.
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Commerzbank is one of the leading German banks for private and corporate customers with more than some 1,200 branches in one of the densest networks of branches in Germany. Commerzbank has a global presence in around 50 countries. The bank has about 15 million private and 1 million business customers as well as about 58,000 employees. In 2011, the turnover has been 10 billion Euros.
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Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank and with the operating segmentsCorporate & Investment Bank (CIB), Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM) as well as Corporate Investments (CI) mostly active in the private customer sector. The corporate group has more than 100,000 employees and branches in 72 countries.
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We have also worked for many other well-established German and international companies and numerous small and medium-sized firms and private users. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST IN US!